Chinese in UK Universities

The list below provides links to the main short courses, undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes offered at UK universities that include significant Chinese-language content.  It is not an exhaustive list: Chinese language courses may also be available as part of joint or other degree programmes, and other Chinese-related courses may also be offered in other humanities departments at the same institutions.

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Bangor University

Use Find a Course for information on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Chinese.


University of Bath

MA in Interpreting & Translating


University of Birmingham

BA in Modern Languages

BSc in International Business with Language

BA in Modern Languages with Business Management


University of Bristol      

BA in Religion & Theology

MA in Chinese-English Translation


University of Cambridge

BA in Chinese Studies

MPhil in Chinese Studies


Cardiff University

BA in Modern Chinese

BA in Modern Languages & Translation


University of Central Lancashire

BA in Modern Languages

BA in Asia Pacific Studies

BA in Business Management & Chinese

MA in Interpreting & Translation


Durham University

BA in Chinese Studies

MA in Translation Studies


University of Edinburgh

MA (Hons) in Chinese (undergraduate)

Master of Chinese Studies

MSc in Chinese Society & Culture


University of Exeter

BA in Modern Languages

MA in Translation Studies


University of Glasgow

MSc in Chinese Studies


Heriot-Watt University

MSc in Chinese – English Interpreting and Translating

MSc in Chinese – English Translating

MSc in Interpreting (Chinese pathway)

MSc in Translating (Chinese pathway)

MSc in Interpreting and Translating (Chinese pathway)


University of Kent

BA (Hons) in Asian Studies with Other Subjects

World Language Modules (Mandarin)


King’s College London

MSc in China & Globalisation


Lancaster University

BA in Languages with Chinese

BA in Other Subjects with Chinese

MA in Translation


University of Leeds

Search the Course Finder with the keyword ‘Chinese’ for information on Single and Joint Honours, Masters, and postgraduate programmes in Chinese.


University of Leicester

BA in Translation & Interpreting

MA in Translation Studies


University of Liverpool

BA with Chinese


London School of Economics

BSc in International Relations and Chinese

BSc in Language, Culture and Society (Mandarin)

Modern Foreign Language Degree Courses (Mandarin)

Modern Foreign Language Certificate Courses (Mandarin)


University of Manchester

BA in Chinese Studies

MA in Conference Interpreting

MA in Translation & Interpreting


Middlesex University

BA in International Tourism Management (Mandarin)

BA in Business Management (Mandarin)


Newcastle University

BA in Chinese Studies

BA in Modern Languages

MA in Translating

MA in Interpreting

MA in Translation Studies

MA in Translating & Interpreting


University of Nottingham

BA in a European Language & Contemporary Chinese Studies

MA in Chinese/English Translation & Interpreting


Nottingham Trent University

BA in Mandarin Chinese & Global Studies

BA in International Relations & Mandarin Chinese


The Open University

Beginners’ Chinese (distance)


University of Oxford

BA in Chinese Studies

MSt in Traditional China

MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies


University of Portsmouth

BA in Applied Languages

BA in Languages, Communication & Culture

MA in Translation Studies


Queen’s University Belfast

BSc in International Business with Mandarin


Regent’s University London

BA in International Business (Mandarin Chinese)


School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London

BA in Chinese Studies

BA in Chinese (Modern & Classical)

MA in Chinese Studies

MA in Sinology

Certificates, Diplomas & Short Courses in Mandarin or Cantonese


University of Sheffield

BA in Chinese Studies

MA in Contemporary China

MA in Translation Studies


University of Surrey

MA in Interpreting (Chinese Pathway)


University of Wales Trinity Saint David

BA in Chinese Studies

MA in Sinology

MA in Confucian Classical Studies

MA in Chinese Buddhist Textual Studies

MA in Chinese Daoist Textual Studies


University of Warwick

BA in a Modern European Language with Chinese


University of Westminster

BA in Chinese & Global Communication

BA in International Business (Chinese)