BACS Interim Statement on the Implications of China’s New National Security Law for UK Universities

China’s new National Security Law of 1st July 2020 brings forth new considerations and challenges for employees in UK Universities as line-managers, mentors and teachers. BACS has signed the (US) Association for Asian Studies statement on the National Security Law, joining over twenty other scholarly societies. At the same time, we believe that it is necessary to state clearly the implications of National Security Law for the higher education sector in the UK. Specifically, this interim statement aims to alert management and academics in the UK higher education sector to the challenges that the New Security Law poses to them in carrying out their professional responsibilities to (1) safeguard academics and students and (2) safeguard the principle of academic freedom, which is fundamental to the credibility, professional ethics and brand value of UK universities and of Britain more generally.


Please read the full statement here.