Past Conferences

2024 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

University of York

BPCS 2024 conference was held in-person on 5-6 June 2024 at the University of York, framed by the theme “Braving the Tides: Chinese Individuals Navigating Social Changes”. We welcomed keynote speeches from Prof. Jiang Jiehong (Birmingham City University) who spoke on on ‘The Conformed Body: Contemporary Art in China’ and Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Altehenger (University of Oxford) who presented ‘The Stuff of Contemporary Chinese History’. BPCS 2024 was supported by BACS, the University of York’s Departments of History and History of Art, and the Social History Society.

Prof. Jiang Jiehong (Birmingham City University) presenting his keynote on Day 1 of BPCS 2024

Prof. Jiang

Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Altehenger (University of Oxford) at her keynote address on Day 2 of BPCS 2024 with Chair, Dr Jon Howlett (University of York)

Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Altehenger joined by chair, Jonathan Howlett

BPCS 2024 Organising Committee

BPCS 2024 organising committee


2022 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

University of Oxford

The BPCS 2022 conference was held in-person again for the first time since 2019 and addressed the theme “Negotiating the New Normality”. Attendees were treated to keynote talks from Prof. Julia C. Strauss, Dr. Patricia M. Thornton and Dr. Hongwei Bao on 23rd and 24th June 2022.


2021 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

University of Lancaster (online)

The BPCS 2021 conference was held on 23 and 24 June 2021 with the theme “China and the World: Challenges and Opportunities” drawing speakers and audience members from researchers across the world. Our keynote speakers this year were Prof. Astrid Nordin, Prof. Peter Hays Gries and Dr. Zeno Leoni.


2020 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference


The BPCS 2020 conference was held between the 27th and 29th of June 2020 Online. Under the theme “China and the Shared Future: Transformation, Collaboration, and Challenges”, the 3-day conference with 15 panels witnessed 51 presentations from scholars around the world.

The three keynote speakers Prof. Kent Deng from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Prof. Rachel Murphy from the University of Oxford, and Prof. William A Callahan from LSE respectively delivered talks.

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2019 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

University of Cambridge

The annual conference of the British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies was held at Jesus College, University of Cambridge on the 8-9 June 2019. The conference is themed on ‘China’s Global Role in the New Era’, and we have invited Professor Peter Nolan (Director for the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge) Professor Alan MacFarlane (Professor Emeritus of King’s College, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Bingchun Meng (Deputy Head of Department of Media and Communications, LSE) to give us an 0pening dialogue.

We had 18 panels, 60 presenters during this two-day conference. This year’s topics are very diverse, ranging from drama, diplomacy and economy to ancient philosophy and local institutions. Our presenters are from all over the world including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK, Italy, Czech Republic and many other countries. We hope many students and scholars will join us for this main event of the year for the BPCS.
It is free to participate, and you can register here.

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2018 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

University of Oxford

The BPCS 2018 conference was held between 21st and 22nd of June 2018 at China Centre, University of Oxford. Under the theme “Hetero/Homogeneous China: Connections, Dynamics, and Transformations”, the 2-day conference with 24 panels witnessed 70 presentations from scholars based at the UK, Hong Kong, Mainland China, France, Germany, Thailand, the US, Australia and Russia.

The two keynote speakers Prof. Eva Kit Wah Man from Hong Kong Baptist University and Dr. Maria Jaschok from University of Oxford respectively delivered talks related to feminism in China as it intersects with philosophy and religion. Notably, it was also the first time when we had 2 performance art presentations given by Emily Gong and Yishen Chen.

The conference website

Conference photos


2017 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

University of Sheffield

The 2017 conference was successfully launched with the theme “From Local to Global: Regional Aspects of China.” As usual we had attendants from the UK and worldwide, who presented their fresh, outstanding and cutting edge studies. The conference of 2017 was also honored by inviting three keynote speakers:

  • Marina Svensson – Professor of Modern China Studies, University of Lund, Sweden
  • Marjorie Dryburgh – Lecturer in Modern Chinese Studies, University of Sheffield
  • Gemma Thorpe – Artist, Sheffield


2016 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference

King’s College London

The 2016 conference was a successful launch of the network’s new name: ‘British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies’. As such the event was especially large and international. The conference theme was ‘Dynamic China’ with 80 speakers based in UK and abroad. The conference included talks from two keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Kerry Brown (King’s College London)– ‘Reading the Political Modern Oracle Bones: Chinese Power Under Xi Jinping’
  • Prof. Barend ter Haar (University of Oxford)– ‘Antecedents for communist violence in pre-1949 socio-religious history’


2015 China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference

Bristol University

The conference was attended by 35 delegates from 16 institutions across the UK as well as 2 from institutions in the EU (Dublin and Amsterdam). In addition to 25 paper presentations from postgraduate students, the conference included talks from three keynote speakers:

  • Professor Ishikawa Yoshihiro of Kyoto University presented on the early global reception of images of Mao.
  • Professor Robert Bickers of the University of Bristol presented on the university’s Historical Photographs of China website.
  • Acclaimed novelist Xue Xinran addressed the audience about her charity’s ongoing work in mainland China as well as on her experiences as a writer.

Outside of the presentations networking opportunities were provided by coffee and lunch breaks, a wine reception and a conference dinner at the Riverstation Restaurant in Bristol.


2014 China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference

Durham University

The China Postgraduate Network 2014 Annual Conference was held at Durham University. The Conference was jointly supported by the British Association for Chinese Studies, Durham University and the University of Nottingham.

Date: 21-22 June 2014

Venue: Arthur Holmes, CG91, Chemistry Department, Durham University

The China Postgraduate Network Conference has been held  annually since 2008 and it attracts many young scholars, research students and postgraduate students in the field of Chinese Studies (including Taiwan and Hong Kong). The 2014 CPN Annual Conference was held in Durham University on 21-22 June 2014 and was a great success.  The conference attracted 40 attendees from different universities across the UK. Professor Qian Suoqiao (Newcastle University) and Doctor Gordon C K Cheung (University of Durham) were invited as keynote speakers. During this two-day event, 18 presenters from 12 UK universities gave presentations which covered various areas of research including politics, business, history, literature, translation, sociology, film, religious studies and area studies. The annual conference offers great opportunities for young scholars and students to present their work in a friendly but academically rigorous setting. Presenters receive constructive feedback though questions and discussion and are aided in shaping their research communication skills. The conference also enables networking and knowledge transfer among aspiring academics.

Day one keynote speaker: Dr Gordon C K Cheung (Durham University)

Day two keynote speaker: Prof Qian Suoqiao (Newcastle University)


2013 China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference

University of Leicester

July 21-22, 2013

China Postgraduate Network (CPN) is a forum for the growing number of postgraduates, young scholars and research fellows in Chinese Studies engaged in study and research at British universities. The continued success of the CPN depends upon the active involvement of its members in fostering a vibrant academic community. We hope that the CPN will become your primary source of information on developments in the area of Chinese Studies in the UK, as well as allow you to connect with others working in your field.

Membership of the China Postgraduate Network is free and open to everyone.To join, simply subscribe to our regular mailing list, which includes news on China-related events, funding organisations and job opportunities. The CPN is affiliated to the British Association of Chinese Studies (BACS), a non-political organisation whose members are drawn from the academic community and also industry, media and the government.

China Postgraduate Network 2013 Annual Conference aims to foster scholarly interaction amongst students and researchers within broadly understood area of Chinese Studies (including Taiwan and Hong Kong). The conference does not have a particular disciplinary focus or a specific theme. We welcome participants representing all academic disciplines, theoretical paradigms and methodological approaches. We encourage submission of papers on any topic related to China in historical or contemporary context.


2012 China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference

University of Edinburgh

The online application for the 2012 CPN annual conference is closing on 30 April. We have already had great responses from the applicants across UK and overseas, and I am sure that this conference would be a great chance to meet up with your colleagues and exchange your ideas on Chinese studies! If you would like to attend this annual big event, please do not forget to submit your application via our website

The title and the abstract should be no more than 300 words. The conference is open to all the postgraduate students and young researchers whose work relates to China. There is no guiding theme for the conference, and we welcome proposals on any topic relating to the study of China.

All the accepted proposals will be organized into panels or individual papers. Successful applicants will be asked to provide a 3000-5000 word paper and will have 20 minutes to present their paper at the conference.

The conference accommodation is at the beautiful Pollock Hall campus of Edinburgh, standard single-room with breakfast on the nights of June 17 and June 18. We will provide subsidies for the accommodation of presenters from outside Edinburgh.


2011 China Postgraduate Network Annual Conference

London School of Economics and Political Science

Date: June 30 and July 1, 2011
Time: 09:30 – 17:00
Venue: Clement House, London School of Economics
Organiser: The China Postgraduate Network (CPN)

The annual conference is a fantastic opportunity for younger scholars to present their research and receive constructive feedback, listen to keynote addresses by leading experts and network with colleagues from across the UK and overseas.

The conference deliberately has no particular theme, and we welcome proposals for panels or individual papers on any topic relating to the study of China. Participation is open to all disciplines, including – but not limited to – anthropology, archaeology, art, business, economics, environmental studies, geography, history, international relations, linguistics, literature, philosophy, politics, public health, religious studies and sociology.

Accommodation for the duration of the conference will be provided for those travelling from outside London to present papers, and extended stays in central London at extremely competitive rates can be arranged for participants.

Please note that the deadline for applications is May 4, 2011.

Further information and the online application form for submission of abstracts may be found at: LSE.AC.UK/CPN .

The China Postgraduate Network’s Annual Conference was held in partnership with the Confucius Institute for Business London and supported by:
• Universities’ China Committee in London
• Department of Anthropology, LSE
• British Association for Chinese Studies
• White Rose East Asia Centre
• National Institute for Chinese Studies
• China in Comparative Perspective Network, LSE