BPCS Constitution





  1. The name of the Association shall be ‘The British Postgraduate network for Chinese Studies (BPCS)’. BPCS shall be affiliated to the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS).
  2. The object of BPCS shall be to support postgraduate students with interests in Chinese studies in the United Kingdom, in particular by organising an annual conference and other appropriate activities, by disseminating information and by encouraging co-operation among interested persons and organisations. BPCS shall be non-partisan.
  3. BPCS has two types of membership: ‘Student Membership’ and ‘Alumni Membership’.            ♣      Student Membership shall be open to current and prospective postgraduate students who support the object of BPCS.                                                                                                                              ♣      Alumni Membership: previous Student Members become Alumni once they graduate.
  4. There are no fees to join the BPCS as a Student or Alumni Member. One becomes a Member by subscribing to the BPCS email list.
  5. The constitution shall be available for consultation on the BPCS webpages.
  6. The management of the affairs of BPCS shall be vested in the Officers who shall act in accordance with this Constitution and report to BACS Council at each of its meetings.
  7. The Officers of BPCS shall be the President, Internal Secretary and External Secretary.
  8. Officers shall be elected by the Membership and shall serve for one year, from 1 October each year to next 30 September. The President shall not be eligible for re-election. Other Officers may stand for re-election for one additional term.
  9. A call for nominations shall be circulated to the Membership no later than 1st of May each year. Nominations for Officers must be signed by a proposer and seconder who are BPCS Members. Nominees must confirm their willingness to serve if elected. Nominations must be received by the President at least 7 days before the election is to be held. A list of nominees for each position shall be finalised no later than 1st of June. BPCS Members will receive nominees’ statements and be notified of voting procedures at least 7 days prior to the election. Anonymous voting by the Membership to select Officers from among the nominees shall take place no later than 1st of July. The results of the ballot will be announced by email to the BPCS list. There shall be a handover period between 1st of July and 1st of October, in which the Officers-elect will shadow the serving Officers. Newly elected Officers shall take up their positions on 1 October, from which time they must be BPCS Members.
  10. The External Secretary is responsible for the newsletter as well as social media accounts. Postings shall be in line with the object of BPCS.
  11. BPCS Officers are volunteers, and as such shall not receive fees or salaries for organising BPCS activities. Officers may receive reimbursement for reasonable expenses. Unspent monies from sponsorship received for BPCS activities shall be returned to the sponsor.
  12. BPCS will organise an annual conference that is free to attend. The Officers will select the keynote speakers and run a peer review process to select papers from those proposed. BPCS encourages Members to organise other events such as lectures or workshops.
  13. BPCS Officers are welcome to seek informal advice from the BACS Council on any BPCS matter.



  1. Drafted by BPCS Constitution Working Party, Nottingham, 15 March 2018
  2. Draft submitted to BACS council meeting for consultation 15 March 2018
  3. Ratified by BPCS Membership 3 April, 2018