About us

The British Association for Chinese Studies is a non-political organization which aims to encourage and promote Chinese studies in the United Kingdom, in particular by organising conferences, lectures, seminars and other appropriate activities, by disseminating information and by encouraging co-operation among persons and organisations concerned with the study of China. As the only comprehensive subject association for Chinese Studies in the UK, we represent the field of Chinese Studies in its entirety. BACS plays an important role in liaising and consulting with other area studies organizations, with funding bodies, with China-related representative offices and with government departments. We also speak on behalf of the field to representatives of the media.

Founded during a conference held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London in 1976, BACS has been at the forefront of developments that have seen Chinese Studies change from a small, esoteric subject to a mainstream trend at all levels education and a main source of media, business, and government interest. The Association is administered by an elected Council, and is bound by the BACS Constitution.

The Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies is a refereed, open-access journal publishing high-quality academic work in all disciplines related to China.

Our annual BACS Bulletin, first published in 1982, has chronicled the state of Chinese Studies in higher education across the UK.

Our Council members, members, and the members of our affiliated organizations, are found across all sectors, including education, business, media and government. If you would like to become a member please see the Membership page.

The BACS Conference is held in September each year and is the UK’s foremost academic gathering in the field.

BACS also administers scholarships for language study and research in Taiwan.

For a list of former BACS presidents please see the Past Presidents page.