BACS report on China-related studies in the UK

BACS produces a periodic report on the state of funding for China-related Studies in the UK with financial support from the Universities’ China Committee in London (UCCL).

You can read the full report here: BACS State of the Field 2020-21 Report.

You can find the full funding report here: BACS 2020-21 Funding Report.

The report is accompanied by a programme table, which is available here as a separate, searchable document to make it easier to find relevant China-focused programmes at UK HEI.

The 2020-21 report addresses:

  • Student figures
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate courses on offer
  • Numbers of Chinese students studying in the UK
  • Chinese departments and research centres in UK institutions.

Should you wish to inform BACS of any information that may be missing from the report, or of any corrections, please contact the BACS web manager through the BACS website.