Taiwan Scholarship

BACS-Taiwan Huayu Enrichment Scholarships 2021-2022, applications open from 29th January to 29th March 2021.

BACS administers a competitive scholarship programme on behalf of the Taiwan Ministry of Education for nine-month, six-month, three-month and two-month language programmes at approved centres in Taiwan. A monthly stipend of NT$25,000 is provided to cover fees and to contribute to maintenance expenses. For information about approved centres and study in Taiwan, see https://english.moe.gov.tw/cp-23-24206-13c8a-1.html.

Please read the ‘Notes for Applicants’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ documents carefully before addressing queries to bacs.huayuscholarship@gmail.com, or to the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the U.K., as appropriate.

HES: Guidelines for UK Applicants (2021)

HES: Notes for Applicants (2021)

HES: Application Form (2021) (Download Word Doc)

HES: Reference Form (2021) (Download Word Doc)

HES: Frequently Asked Questions (2021)

All applications must be submitted electronically via email. BACS will send an acknowledgement e-mail to confirm receipt of every application form and reference received. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their complete application (including both references) has been received by BACS by the application deadline.

To read about the experiences of previous holders of BACS-Taiwan Studentships please see the BACS-Taiwan Studentships Testimonials page.

The Taiwan Scholarship programme 2021, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan), is now open to applications from interested candidates. The deadline for submitting applications is Monday 29th March 2021.

The programme was established to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree programmes in Taiwan. While providing study opportunities for a wide range of disciplines at Taiwan’s universities and colleges and improving future career prospects, this programme also aims to promote knowledge, understanding and friendship and to provide academic and educational links.

The scholarship provides an opportunity for UK nationals to study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at universities in Taiwan. The award encompasses payment of tuition fees up to a certain level as well as a living allowance of NT$ 15,000 for recipients undertaking undergraduate studies or NT$ 20,000 for recipients undertaking postgraduate studies.

Taiwan Scholarship recipients may study degree programmes taught in English, in Mandarin or in a combination of the two languages. A large number of English-taught courses are offered to international students by Taiwanese universities approved under the Taiwan Scholarship programme.

Please note that all scholarship applicants for programmes taught in Mandarin must have taken the “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language” (TOCFL) at Band B or higher.

For more information and a Taiwan Scholarship application form, please refer to the Taiwan Scholarship 2021 Applications page or contact Olivia Saunders, Education Officer, at olivia.saunders@mofa.gov.tw.