BPCS Constitution






  1. The name of the Association shall be The British Postgraduate network for Chinese Studies (BPCS)’.
  2. The object of the Association shall be to support Postgraduate students in Chinese studies based in the United Kingdom, as well as Postgraduates students researching China and Greater China in related fields – in particular by organising an annual conference as well as lectures, seminars and other appropriate activities such as workshops; by disseminating information and by encouraging co-operation among persons and organisations concerned with the study of China. The BPCS will also support the BACS (British Association of Chinese Studies) whenever possible.
  3. The Association only has two types of memberships: ‘Student Membership’ and ‘Alumni Membership’.
  • Student Membership shall be open to current and prospective Postgraduate students who support the object of the Association.
  • Alumni Membership: previous Student members become Alumni once they graduate.
  1. To become a member, one needs to either subscribe to the email or LinkedIn newsletter. There are no fees to join the BPCS as a Student or Alumni member. The BPCS annual conference is also free to attend, although the BPCS staff will decide on which speakers are most suitable for the program.
  2. The constitution shall be available for consultation on the website.
  3. The management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the executive staff who shall act in accordance with this Constitution and report to the BACS through its current President.
  4. The executive staff of the Association shall be the President, Internal Secretary and External Secretary (Communication Officer). The President, Internal Secretary and External Secretary shall be elected by the previous executive staff around the end of their mandate after making the positions available through the email BPCS newsletter. The election of all three officers of the Association shall not take place later than October of each academic year so that the new staff has time to organise the next events, and the new President might attend the November BACS meeting. All executive staff are to be replaced annually, except in the case that they applied for the position again and were found to be the best candidates – to the exception of the President who can only have one mandate (but can apply to another position).
  5. Each year, the leaving executive staff effectively become? Honorary President, Internal Secretary and External Secretary respectively. It is expected that they will help the new staff adapt at the beginning of the new mandate and might be prevailed upon to help for punctual requests for the following year.
  6. The BPCS President receives the privilege/right? to sit at the BACS Council meetings. The President is allowed to handle money on behalf of BPCS, and receive notably the BACS grant for conference organising into their own bank account. This transaction is a matter of trust between BACS and BPCS and needs be handled transparently, and any unused funds be sent back to BACS. Similarly, any money handling with other institutions (grants, sponsors) is expected to be dealt with in an utmost honest manner.
  7. The External Secretary or Communication Officer is in charge of the newsletter as well as both LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Other executive staff are allowed to post on the social media accounts in compliance with the style decided by the External Secretary. The Internal Secretary and President shall distribute roles between themselves as deemed fit, and notify the External Secretary when important events are organised and decisions made.
  8. BPCS staff members are volunteers, and as such should not receive fees or salaries for organising BPCS activities beyond reimbursement of expenses such as transport fares, etc. As such unspent monies from grants received on behalf of BPCS should be sent back to the relevant sponsor.
  9. The BPCS will organise events on behalf of several stakeholders, depending on the wishes of the executive staff. The annual conference is organised on behalf of BPCS itself, but other events such as lectures, workshops or other relevant activities can be organised for the benefit of a university, higher education establishment or cultural institution. One at least of these smaller events is expected to be available on a call for participation for any Postgraduate student to apply for; however other events can be organised for a specific institution’s members exclusively, as long as no favouritism is displayed in the choice of institutions. It is allowed to organise events in the institutions that the executive staff is attached to – it is understood that the event will not be used for blatant personal or institutional gain that does not benefit the BPCS. Any individual or association wishing to enlist the help of BPCS to organise events relative to the Association’s interests is allowed to contact the executive staff – such help as might be given will be granted depending on the availability of the staff.
  10. Before organising events for the first time with a new institution or accepting sponsorship from a new external association, the BPCS is expected to ask for informal advice from the BACS Council to ensure of the suitability of such institution/association/individuals.


Written by BPCS exec staff on 23 December 2016

Approved after consultation with BACS’s council meeting on 10 February 2017

Published: 23 February 2017