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The Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies is a peer-reviewed e-journal publishing articles and reviews in the discipline areas covered by BACS: Arts / Humanities and Social Sciences on traditional and modern China. This is a service provided by BACS for the benefit of the academic community: there are no charges to readers or contributors. The journal is available to view in pdf format - please click on the relevant item below.

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Volume 1 December 2011

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The Sino-French Connection and World War One
Paul Bailey

‘In Memory of Norman Bethune’: Two Resurrections of the ‘Spirit of Selflessness’ in Maoist China Christos Lynteris

Volume 2 July 2013

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From Haijin to Kaihai: The Jiajing Court’s Search for a Modus Operandi along the South-eastern Coast (1522-1567)
Ivy Maria Lim

The Sinification of Soviet Agitational Theatre: ‘Living Newspapers’ in Mao’s China
Jeremy E.Taylor

Could or Should? The Changing Modality of Authority in the China Daily
Lily Chen

Book Reviews

Scott Waldron, Modernising Agrifood Chains in China: Implications for Rural Development (Kathleen Buckingham)

Naomi Standen, Demystifying China: New Understandings of Chinese History (Pierre Fuller)

Amy Tak-tee Lai, Chinese Women Writers in Diaspora: Jung Chang, Xinran, Hong Ying, Anchee Min, Adeline Yen Mah (Valerie Pellatt)

Lili Hernandez, China and the West: Encounters with the Other in Culture, Art, Politics and Everyday Life (Mengyu Luo)

Volume 3 December 2013

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The Re-institutionalisation of Popular Fiction – the Internet and a New Model of Popular Fiction Prosumption in China
Shih-chen Chao

Psyching a Paragon: A Sinitic Excursion in Practical Ethics
Lynn Struve

Britain through Chinese Eyes: early perceptions of Britain in pre-Opium War China

Review Essay
Superpower, China?! New Narratives of Global Leadership under Examination - on William Callahan's China Dreams: 20 Visions of the Future
Niv Horesh

Book Reviews

Sam Geall ed. China and the Environment: The Green Revolution (Agnes Khoo)

Cal Clark ed. The Changing Dynamics of the Relations Among China, Taiwan, and the United States (Ghulam Ali)